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Like An Egyptian Movie - Ron Barkai FRIENDLY  PRINTING

Ron Barkai
Like An Egyptian Movie

Published 2001
222 pages, paperback, 21X13.5,
retail price 15 Euro

Full Italian and French translations
are available;

International rights handled by The Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature

Rights sold: Italy, Giuntina; France, Fayard

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ISBN: 965-7120-09-8
About this title in Hebrew

An original autobiographical novel, both riveting and chilling. Its hero, a man of heated passions and convictions, fond of the little pleasures of life, grows up on the streets of Cairo and Alexandria and then becomes, in Israel, a shining example of the Zionist vision, a pioneer steeped both in socialist values and Arabic and Sephardic Judaic wisdom. Nothing in life has prepared him for the devastation that befalls his home.

Ron Barkai is a professor of history at Tel-Aviv University. He has published books on Jewish, Muslim, and Christian relations in Spain of the middle ages, on science and magic, and the exchange of culture between the three monotheistic communities. Like an Egyptian Movie is his debut novel.

"Exciting, original, cruel, funny. In France it would probably have received the Goncourt prize... A brilliant novel, whose hero is an Oedipus in rags..."


"An excellent novel... The naturalness with which dampness and the smell of jasmine intermingle is one of the novel's and of Barkai's, as a storyteller, greatest strengths."

Yedioth Ahronoth

"A rich and exciting book, which breaks quite a few norms... literary network that includes historiography and literary history, a novel of ideas and of deep soul-searching."


Ron Barkai
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