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Carmela Rubin, Shira Naftali (editors)
The Rubin Book Of Numbers

Published 2006
48 pages, hardcover, 21.7X22.3
retail price 13 Euro

Also by Carmela Rubin
and Shira Naftali
The Rubin Hebrew Aleph-Bet Book

ISBN: 965-7120-73-X

The numbers book with Reuven's paintings, is a sequel to the alphabet book. It invites children to study the first ten numbers, in a most interesting and magical way, through details from the paintings, so full of life and joy, of the painter Reuven Rubin. It arouses curiosity and is a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the best of Israeli art at an early age.

The painter Reuven Rubin was born in Romania in 1893 and immigrated to Israel (then Palestine) in 1912 in order to study painting at the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem. He continued his studies in Paris, and in 1922 returned to Israel to settle there. Till the end of his life he felt drawn to the landscape and people of Israel and painted them with the enthusiasm of a man who has found his home. Reuven passed away in 1974. His home, on Bialik Street in Tel Aviv, presently houses the Reuven museum and offers a permanent exhibition of the best of his paintings.