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Eran Bar-Gil
Horseshoe and Violin

Published 2005
254 pages, paperback, 21X13.5,
retail price 14 Euro

International rights handled by The Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature

Rights sold: Germany, Rowohlt Berlin

ISBN: 965-7120-57-8

Yonni and Danni are identical twins who were separated soon after birth, until an accidental encounter brings them together again. Eran Bar-Gil weaves a deep and enthralling novel, breathtaking and sober, written musically and touching on some of the most basic human issues - loneliness, what lies beyond it, and the ancient dream of finding one's own image reflected in another person, in music, in art, in love. Except for the opening chapter the novel is narrated in two separate voices - those of Yonni and Danni - who tell two different stories, which eventually turn into a duet and interwind convincingly.

Eran Bar-Gil is a poet, writer and musician. Horseshoe and Violin is his fifth book.

"This novel is a great achievement. It creates a verbal world of movement and sound, which I found both riveting and profound."

Ha'aretz Literary Supplement

"One of the most impressive novels in recent Hebrew literature. It is amazing that a young writer can make the reader hold on to the book and not let go until the end."

Timeout Tel Aviv

"The new Bar-Gil novel is written powerfully, showing great talent and broad horizon. Bar-Gil's voice, with this new novel and after two poetry volumes, one story collection and one novel, is now a clear, sensitive and self confident voice."