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Gali Sembira
Thirty Months of Love

Published 2005
157 pages, paperback, 21X13.5,
retail price 12 Euro

ISBN: 965-7120-56-X

Thirty months before her thirtieth birthday Gali meets Shani, and goes with her on a long journey that brings her to a place which is very close and very far - to herself: outside the prison of physical touch, outside the box. Coming out of the closet was just one further, and essential, step in a much deeper process, in which she learned to touch, to embrace, to feel, to know herself and to love without masks. Thirty Months of Love is the story of this journey, written in two parallel timelines - the past and the present, life deep inside the box and the open spaces revealed outside. The full picture is seen only in the movement between those timelines.

Gali Sembira was born in 1972, and currently works as a consultant in the field of education. Thirty Months of Love is her first book.

"Gali Sembira, a young and intelligent psychologist, has written a moving novel on the not-so-great dramas of her life... the book is very touching and tells accurately the great emotional drama that is caused even by the supposedly routine events in life."


"With a firm hand Gali paints a picture (almost paralyzing to the reader) of a physical and emotional isolation... a personal journey with all the components of the lesbian drama... Gali's writing is accurate, flowing and direct."

Akhbar Ha'ir, Tel Aviv